Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take That Con Ed!

July- $83.14
August- $62.87
September- $90.72 and a heart attack
October- $59.33

[Drum roll please...]
[No, I'm serious! Start banging stuff!]

November- $35.39!!

Yay! I guess it paid off to finally switch out those over-watted lightbulbs that came with the apartment for some pocket-friendly ones. Oh, and unplugging stuff and never turning on the stove helps too.

I think winter and I might get along after all :)

Image: americansforamericanenergy.org


  1. so these lights really work? I have heard I need to switch...I might make the leap and try them out.

  2. omg! we need that around here, i didn't know those really work!

  3. Those lights work just as well, but sometimes they need a minute to work, themselves up to their full brightness, whereas with regular ones they just flick on really bright straght off.

  4. I only ever have about one or lights on in my house at one time anyway. Maybe I can get away with just one of those odd looking lightbulbs...

  5. they do make a difference ...however the light may not be as bright but they last forever!

  6. laughing @ Start banging stuff!

    Haha, you make me smile. :)

  7. They do help! Last year at this time we had over a $300 electric/sewer/water bill. I about died! Most of that $300 was the electric. We have electric heat and it was insane.

    Now, we have those bulbs, and have "sealed" the windows. And we've cut the bill by over 1/2. Whew!

  8. Hey - good for you!

    I'm doin' my part here and bangin' stuff, like you said...

    Stay warm...

    :^) Anna

  9. I switched out three lamps, over to the new bulbs. It does take a second longer for them to turn on, but I think it's worth it. I have gotten in the habit of only keeping a light on in the room I'm in. One of the many things I started doing a few years ago to cut back (or at least reduce some of the increases) in my electric bill.

  10. I'd rather not have light switch right to bright right away anyhow here....most especially the ones in the bathroom!

  11. yep and ive been using such lights for past 7 years plus - im cheap

  12. We've switched over our bulbs, but I've never figured out how much less we pay. Should do that.

    (Found you through SITs)

  13. HAHA, this is sooo true. The light bills are soooo expensive! omg. BTW, you're a very good writer. =]

  14. Yay you!!!

    Now be sure to check your windows and doors! That's where most people's heat escapes and apartments are notorious for that!! Stay warm in my city, k??

  15. I gots inspired. I went out and got me a couple of them spirally new fangled lightbulbs and stuck 'em in the two lamps I use most.

    I really like the light they cast...a nice and soft white.

  16. actually i think they just lowered the price cause my bill has gone down too and i didn't change anything.


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