Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taylor Swift Is Cute and All, But...

I swear if I hear ONE MORE SONG about fairy tales and love from her,
I might have to start getting mean.


  1. I could still look at her for hours and hours and hours....

  2. When I see her it always reminds me of something my grandma would always say. She would always say "Bless her heart" to make up for whatever mean thing she would then follow with. So when I see Taylor I always think, "Bless her heart. She seems sweet, but the child can not carry a tune!"

  3. I love the fact that pictures/graphs/equations that people can use to so accurately make fun of pop stars these days! And you're too right, yeah she's cute, yeah, I probably would (haha!) but this should only take you so far, right?

  4. I love Taylor! Someone should do this to Gaga and have the categoriez be: Being a whore, getting drunk, not-so-clever euphemisms for sex, thinking you're better than everyone else.


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