Sunday, June 10, 2007

Charm School Has Much To Teach

These poor guys are going to be in for a quite a treat. Not only are these lovely ladies crazy from the get go, but they've been cooped up with nothing but women for the past several months. Their manly choices include: players, professionals, pushovers, and parolees. Their goal: to find the urban renaissance man, he who has all the good qualities found in the other guys (except for the parolee part).

Whoa, the party's JUST begun, and Brooke is already letting loose and "being slutacious." This can only go down from here. Aaaand it did. Buck Wild is doing the chicken noodle soup dance. See what I could have missed if I didn't watch tonight?

Can I say how bad I feel for the urban renaissance man? He is getting absolutely no attention tonight. Meanwhile the players are hooking up left and right. Ok, so maybe he's not as good-looking as some of the others, but that's exactly why they're going to get stuck chasing those pretty boys who treat them like dirt, then whine about it, ask where all the good men are, and go right back to refusing to give the good ones the time of day. Some women never learn.

So in the end when it came time to spot the good guy out of the sea of sub-par men, none of these wannabe ladies could find him. Too busy trying to back stab each other and show us how ladies are supposed to act. Don't you just love reality TV?

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