Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guess who's back...

Ok, so it's been practically a year since I signed onto this thing, but I decided to give it another go. Maybe this time I'll actually stick to it and not bore myself.

If you guys have any tips on what makes an awesome blog, by all means share! Lord knows I could use some advice. Right now I have a couple blogs that I make sure to check daily. One's a site that keeps tabs on all the crazy stuff our wonderful, intelligent, and moral celebs do. It gets a bit over the top sometimes but it usually gets a laugh out of me.

And then there's my new guilty pleasure,'s new dating blog Single-ish. It's only been up a couple months, but the two bloggers are cute and funny to boot! Not to mention, those comments can get out of hand too.

So what blogs do you guy hit up on your spare time (or when you should be doing work instead)?


  1. Ohhhh, I am so excited that you have a blog :). And I check the infamous blog you are talking about to follow up on celebs too :). And I will start checking out Single-ish.

    I think you should have Guest Bloggers once in a while. And get really controversial so people can cyberfight :)

  2. Thanks Heidi, and most certainly will do about the guest blogging!

    Hope you enjoy Single-ish :)


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