Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mariah + Nick: Still not over it

I still cannot believe these two ran off and got married last week. Some say "Aww, it's true love and this will last," but I can't help but trumpet "I give it two months tops." I mean I know some people move at the speed of light, but I'm skeptical that those relationships last if you don't take the time to know each other. I mean how well could they possibly know their spouse, outside of IMDb that is. Whatever happened to this little thing called dating and, much later on, engagement? Am I being old fashioned here?

At least she had some sense to get a prenup - and apparently a Mrs. Cannon tattoo to match. Oh the things you do for love...and album sales.


  1. I think its crazy that they got married so quickly too.

    But then again, you never know. Some people date for 5 years, get married and get divorced. Some people date for 6 months get married and stay together forever.

    I hope they last though :) everyone deserves to be happy!

  2. Yeah, I guess I'm just a bit on the skeptical side. But I know that it can go either way regardless of whether you're with someone for ages or not. Hopefully they did connect and it's not just another publicity stunt. Because Lord knows we've seen enough of those!


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