Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sex and the City...In Another Country

Ok, so for some reason the Sex and the City movie premiered in London on Monday and the first reviews have come in. The critics are split on either loving the movie or thinking it's a total bore. And as I was reading them I couldn't help but wonder...

Should I even see this movie even though I'm pretty much totally over the show? I mean, the finale didn't exactly blow me away (but then again few finales have) and it's been so long since I saw most of the 6-season show in a matter of weeks (btw, children do NOT try this at home. I thought my eyes would surely pop out.) If you need a refresher though, check out HBO. But honestly, I'm just not that excited for it. It's more along the lines of "eh, big whoop."

But then again, I know my friends are dying to see this. How do I know? Because they've been talking about it for months. When we see a poster there's always a need to say "OMG, we're seeing that!" I mean we could be total cornballs and make a thing out of it. You know...get our hair blown out, our nails all cutesied up and strut into the theater Cosmos in hand - ok maybe not, but still. It'll be a reason for me and the girls to get together and do whatever it is girls do. I wouldn't really know, I'm not really the type to shell out mad cash on mani/pedi sessions.

So will I or won't I see the flick? Hmm, I probably will. Because I'd rather see it and make up my own mind as to whether it sucks or not and because I'll probably have nothing better to do when my friends call me up last minute to schlep out to the theater.

But most of all because I miss Magda. Happy day! Happy day!

BTW: Can we pleeeaaase talk about that thing perched on SJP's head? Always going over the top with those outfits...but maybe I don't know what I'm talking about and it's totally cool to wear children's art projects on your head.

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  1. I want to see the movie, but I'm not bouncing off the walls. Maybe its because I have only seen like 2 or 3 episodes of SATC ever?!

    I'll just take it as another girly movie. A mani/pedi just to go see SATC?? I think not :-)


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