Friday, June 6, 2008

Fix It Your Damn Self!

Ok, so I know the song "Damaged" is ancient by now, but I just wanted to put my two cents in about how annoyed I was when I first heard it. Yeah, it's catchy and I'll sing along and dance like a fool to it, but the lyrics are ridic!

How is any self-respecting woman going to go up to their New Boo and tell the poor fool to piece her heart back together for her? Or say, "Hey, I kinda like you, but I have all this baggage...could you maybe check that for me? Thanks."

Come on now. Why can't the girl just wait til she's in a better place emotionally before she goes off with another dude? Why does said dude have to make her all better? Yes, maybe one way to get over someone is get under someone else, but it'll just screw you up in the end. For starters, you won't be giving New Boo a fair chance if your heart's all busted up. And maybe the remedy you haven't tried is being by yourself for a while.

How you gonna fix it...geez....

Anyway, do any of you have any "damages?" And how do you intend to fix them?


  1. nope, no damages over hurr. im perfect.


  2. LOL, yes I agree with miss DR. damaged? me? Pleaseeee, that word is not in my vocabulary. I am absolutely fantastic. I'm a star :)


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