Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Why is it that when you realize that you're running early (well I guess if you're early, you wouldn't be running), the powers that be do everything they can to screw it up?

I was doing wonderfully well this morning, which is surprising considering I've been off work since last Thursday. I grabbed my lunch, made a sandwich for breakfast, and that's when things went downhill. I noticed that the overly ripe bananas I set out last night had leaked all over my sink area (where the dish drying rack lives). So of course I had to clean that mess up (and throw away a whole bag of bananas, ugh!). Then I, the pack mule that I am, left the apartment with my purse, two bags of trash, and my lunch.

And then my door decided it'd be the perfect time to play a little game called "Will I Lock or Will I Not?" I won that battle.

Then as I'm making my way to the crosswalk, what should come crawling up the hill? My bus. And because otherwise it'd defeat the purpose of things never going my way, the bus was at the red light just long enough for me to run to it and have it take off when I got there. I stood at the bus stop for a minute, checked the time, and decided that for the first time I'll just walk the 10 minutes to the train station. I knew it'd take even longer if I waited for the next bus.

So I'm walking and oh! What's that I see chilling on the next block? That wretched bus. Taunting me. Making me believe I can catch it this time around. I speed walk towards it, reach the rear end of it, and soon enough the doors close and it runs away from me. Like a coward.

I thought to myself, "I'm not meant to get on this bus for whatever reason." And when I got to the next stop, I didn't bother going for it again. Plus, I wasn't going to give the lucky fools inside any further entertainment.

By the time I reached the train station I was hot and sweaty (because I dress for public transportation and my office weather: freezing cold) and I had a stitch on my side because Dorkyses weren't made for running.

But I caught my train anyway. So wait til I catch you tomorrow, Bx9.

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