Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Moved On Out

So Sunday was my official move in day to the other side of the river (in the Bronx) and away from my beloved, panhandler-ridden A train (Oh break dancers, how I shall miss you). Come to think of it, it was pretty uneventful. I basically grabbed a couple bags, told my mom "Maybe, I'll come back today, maybe I won't. Bye." And then I walked under the blazing sun to wait for the bus.

Some buddies of mine passed by that evening to check out the place and hang out for a little. All I know is I was broiling in the apt and just wanted bedtime to come quick. Here are some things I've dealt with thus far (and I've only been living there two whole days):

- No air circulation whatsoever! But then again my lovely view out my windows is another wall of windows...score!

- The shower likes to play tricks on me like I got time for games. You figure if you turn on the hot water and turn down the cold, the water would get warmer. It does, but after I'm standing there turning knobs like a fool while there's soap on my face.

- The 4 train is hella slow and ├╝ber cold! But on the bright side, it runs right alongside the new Yankee stadium and since the building's outer walls aren't complete yet, I get to look inside at the field and stands!

- I'm getting better at killing roaches. It helps when you have wood floors so they don't look as creepy. There's just something menacing about a roach on bright white tiles.

- Last night, while I was checking my email (yes, I finally have Internet after one whole day of suffering with wack stolen wi-fi), all the lights went out for a second. I was still yelling "Eeeeee!" when they came back on. Soon after, I gathered my lighter and candle and made sure there was still a gallon of water in the fridge.

- I still don't have a table or any chairs or any kind of food prep area, so I've been preparing my breakfast sandwiches on my coffee table. Maybe I can just get a couple floor pillows and make that the dining table, too.

- Then again, why would I need a food prep area when I have no food to prepare? I have nothing to cook and nothing to cook with. Looks like I'll have to take another little trip to Chez Mom's for some din din tonight.

What? I promise I'll start cooking soon enough, I got cookbooks and everything!

I know I still owe you guys pics of the apt, but I've yet to take any myself since I furnished the place. My sis did and is holding out on me, but no biggie. I'll take some tonight and post them stat. Maybe I'll do a little video tour if you're lucky (read: if I figure out how to upload videos on this thing).

So stay tuned! :)


  1. You know what I was thinking, you should do this: http://www.casasdelmar.com.ar/indexSB/DESAYUNADOR.jpg

    it would give you a division between the livingroom and kitchen and at the same time, you get cute stools and you can sit there to eat.

  2. I love your apartment. It cute and purrrrrrty. You need some color on the walls and your all set!

  3. Why thank you! I'm so glad you think so. This weekend I plan on putting things up and doing some major organizing/throwing stuff out (yeah, I pretty much moved in everything I owned because I had no time to weed junk out).


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