Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Shall Name My First-Born...Ikea!

So I'm almost done building all the furniture I bought over the weekend (bed frame, dresser, TV storage/bookshelf, coffee table, computer table) for my apartment and you cannot imagine how proud I am of myself. Granted I had help with most of the things, but I built this dresser All By Myself!

It seriously came with no less than 5000 pieces, but I did it! You know how a new parent probably looks down at his or her precious little baby and thinks, "Yes, this is the point of living; to be able to create this beautiful miracle is the greatest thing on Earth?" Well, that's me. Building that crazy contraption using Ikea hieroglyphics as my only guide gave me total validation that I was placed here for a purpose. To build cheap furniture, figure out which freakin screw is used in step 7, and when I use the wrong one abandon all attempts at pulling it out and move on to the next project.


  1. OMG!!! I love ikea...and i totally relate i built my whole bed room and wilmer's bed room all by my lonesome and loved it lol!! I actually look foward to getting started when i go over there lol. When i move out everything is gonna be ikea I swear, cheap and fun .

  2. Oh Ikea is awesome. Their stuff is cheap, but theyre so cute! I had never built/bought anything from there before so I didn't know how hard it'd be to follow their picture instructions, but it was so easy!

    And yeah, my rooms are practically Ikea showrooms. I just need more color in there to liven things up. I'll post pics once I'm settled in :)

  3. Ikea Ramos.... I like it!


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