Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Shall Not Name My Second-Born Tar-Jay

So last week I upped my uncool level and bought a granny cart. I'm pretty tiny and have a horrible back so I thought it'd be best if I got one for those trips to the laundromat and the supermarket. I found one at Target and picked it up. It was practically assembled except for the wheels, which I was able to pop on with no problem. Of course I took some liberties with the instructions, but it's just a cart so no biggie, I thought.

Well yesterday was laundry day and I'm all ready to go forth into the world and test drive my new set of wheels. I'm zipping around the apartment with my loaded cart, impressed at how tightly it hugs those curves.

Next thing I know I'm making my way down to the third floor when the right wheel flies off! Before I know it the left hind wheel rolls down the stairs to the next landing leaving behind a trail of springs and pins. Shocked and confused, I run to gather the pieces of my broken cart. And still amazed at my shoddy construction job, I took the opp to take a pic. Of course, that's when I heard people making their way upstairs. So I threw the bits in purse, grabbed the cart, and hightailed it back upstairs!


  1. Haha! At least your grandma cart didn't flip over and trip you to land right on top of it! Count your blessings.

  2. RATA!! lol, i remember that story!! ay si oti, count your blessings.... i can only hope that now youll invest in a washing machine of your own.

  3. That sounds painful. I don't even want to think about me and my cart making our way down those stairs!

  4. I saw a Mexican the other day with a T-shirt that read this:

    Chinga tu madre
    (Have a nice day)



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