Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lifestyles of the Poor and Hungry

So I finally took the pics I've been promising you guys aaand I did a mini-super-lame video tour, too (update: ok, so I couldn't load the video so it shall come later). Enjoy!

This is the super long hallway leading from the front door to the living room area.

This would be the "kitchen"/office area. I put that in quotes because it's pretty tiny. I guess kitchenette would be a better word, but I actually have a full-sized stove that I intend to use...someday.

You're now looking at the living room space with my awesome IKEA furniture (the computer workstation up top is also courtesy of IKEA). I guess I could have moved that shoe rack box, but I was too lazy.

To the right would be my super-cute, ladybug-themed bathroom! And let me tell you, that rug is sooo soft. And the curtains are pretty awesome.

And finally, you have the bedroom with the bed that's way too big for tiny little me and the dresser I built All By Myself. I hope you guys enjoyed the tour. The place looks like a hot mixture of bland and messiness, but it'll get better as time goes by. I just need something - anything! - on the walls stat!

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