Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little People, Big Problem

So I have finally invested in a 1, 2-step stool! I haven't been able to put anything in the top shelves of my closets and cabinet. Why? Because my four-foot-nine self can't reach any of those places. But I'm unstoppable now that I'm 17" taller!! High spots are unreachable no longer! I can breathe in cleaner air!

Hmm, maybe I should carry my step stool with me everywhere I go. Then I won't have to pretend I'm rock climbing when I need something from the top shelf at the supermarket. Or cramp my foot when I tiptoe just past my limit. Yup, I think this is shall be the answer to all my short problems and the start of a beautiful relationship.


  1. omg at kohls dad was all, oh we should get oti a little ladder. whoosh, thank God we didn't get it! ps. tu dejaste tu pan sabroso aqui and at like half past midnight, papi is all omg should i call her?? lol, luckily i was able to talk him out of that one. i hope he was able to sleep soundly though, lol.

  2. My bread? But I have it right here! He totally crushed the bag on our way here on Monday.


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