Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Video Time!

Ok, so this morning I gave the video tour one more try (because after waiting for 5 hours for it to load last night, I realized it was over the size limit...genius!). It's a bit blurry because after that hassle I od'ed and made the file size super small. So here you go!

What do you guys think? Any decorating tips? I have tons of wall space and I can only put up so much of my wonderful photography. Also, maybe I should just vlog this whole thing (although putting in an entry during work hours might be a bit tricky...)


  1. I love love love it! Thank you for having me over this weekend :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww que cute!! Just like a first timers apartment ;) My bedroom walls were bare for a lont time... they actually still are. Are you allowed to paint? probably have to paint it back when you move out huh... so might be better to just keep it the way it is. The apartment looks great, don't get too carried away with putting too many things on the walls, cuz then its gonna look like a true Ramos home! It looks nice the way it is. Might just need a little bit of color, but I know how pricey those wall hangings can be, trust me. I did a lot of black and white photos on our walls. Go out and take some pics in the city and then buy some frames at Target or a discount store somewhere. Or maybe even have all the cousins help you make an abstract picture with lots of crazy colors, handprints, foot prints and splats... it will be very artistic and can take up a big chunk of wall, but that may not be you so I don't know. Just a suggestion. Some candles too would look nice in there. Let me know if you want me to fly up and help you decorate. We can walk around the city and shop for some cheap but quality stuff ;) K ciao! I know you love when I write on here ;)

  3. Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to paint and was seriously considering it right before moving in. But then I decided not to because of lack of time and just plain "I'm too lazy to figure out which color to commit to." I have commitment issues apparently. So I left them as is and decided to use my furniture and art decor to liven them up. I'm still working on that.

    I have a couple candles too, buuuut I don't have a smoke detector yet (don't worry! I'll get one eventually and hopefully before it's too late) so I wouldn't dare light them.

    And yes, through all this Ikea and Target have been my go-to places for decorative purposes :)


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