Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2008 All-Star Game!!!

Ok thank God I made it in time! I'll be live blogging this shindig here so let's see how this pans out. Btw, I'm rooting for the National League underdogs because they never win (and of course contain the Mets and the Phillies)

8:50- Aww Chase (Phillies) is up! Dammit, I didn't even finish the sentence and the kid is out.

8:51- Geez, the Nationals got struck out a bit too quickly. Americans coming up.

Btw, I just realized that my baseball guide book is not here! Argh, I must have left it at home- mom's home that is.

Yipers! I should put away my groceries or else my mango sorbet is gonna turn into a smoothie. Hmm, actually...

Ooh game is back! Go Suzuki (Mariners)! I don't want him to do well, I just think his name is cool.

Man, I suck at this. I'm contributing nothing to the sports writing world.

8:55- Jeter's (Yankees) up ladies so start swooning. I'll pass on that one. What do you guys see in him anyway?

Dammit Chase!! What the crap!! Jeter on base thanks to Utley, argh.

8:57- Aaaack! Now Jeter on second cuz he's a bloody thief.

8:57- I'm not even gonna say anything about A-Rod (Yanks). Next.

I'll take this time to comment on how great that stadium looks tonight. Oh the memories. Actually, memory since I've only been there once. Do you think I can catch one last game in there before the season is over?

9:02- Pujols (Cardinals)... I've heard of him before. Was he with the Mets before?

9:04- Oh my God! I think 5 people just got shot outside! That or someone still had some leftover fireworks. You really can't tell these days.

9:09- Oh whoa, what's Manny Pipilongstocking (Red Sox) doing with those dreads?? They're trying to escape from his cap! Can't front though, he's hitting that ball and aiming for Jersey. Wait, is he even facing that direction? Never mind.

9:12- Milton Bradley .... too easy. But I like how the announcers keep saying his name. Hold up, there's a team called the Rangers? Aha, Texas!

Boo, I just realized David Wright (Mets) is on reserve for 3rd base. That means I probably won't get to see him in action tonight. Oh wells.

9:25- Can these people score already? Maybe [Chinese spelling] (Chicago) here can do something. Oooor maybe not. (His name's Kosuke Fukudome. It's not pronounced how you'd think; it's Foo-Koo-Doh-Meh.) Chase is up again!

Man, Yogi is such a cute little old man :)

Sad update: I just remembered my baseball book is very much NOT at my mom's house.

9:41- Hmm, so I'm confused because from the slow-mo reply right there I could've sworn the foot hit second base before he was tagged. Don't ask me who did what because the only name I caught was Ichiro's who threw the ball 5000 feet from way out in right field.

9:46- You know what would make this game more fun? If whoever was in charge of drawing those lines and circles (courtesy of Burger King. Have it your way.) would just draw all over the screen during a play. Maybe add some flowers on the field, some Manny dreads on Jeter's head... 9:54- Holler! The Nationals score the first run of the night thanks to a homer some guy hit. I dunno. I was too busy drawing.

10:06- The Americans have a chance to score right now with 1 out and men on 2nd and 3rd. And now Jeter's up so- whoa whoa, a sign that read "The House That Jeter Built" just came into view! Negativo, he might draw huge crowds there, but let's not get carried away now.

The National League hasn't won an All-Star Game since 1996. Maybe tonight's the night they end that streak? The American's just lost their chance to score a run in this inning so there's still hope.

Sidenote: Does anybody know how to get rid of fruit flies? Apparently they don't die if you spray Lysol on them.

10:18- Nationals have men on 1st and 3rd thanks to Utley with no outs at the top of the 6th. Looking good, looking good!

10:24- No hits this inning, but at least we still have the lead as we head to the bottom of the 6th.

10:36- I notice that I'm bored and holy crap is it hot in here! Can the National League win already so I can shower and sleep? Thanks.

10:41- Eeee! Josh Groban!!! I heart him :) God Bless America!

Aww, look at him, he's so adorable with his cute little shirt and sneakers.

10:53- Noooooooo!!! Tied! Thanks to some All-Stars rookie. I swear to you, the Nationals had better not blow it and this game had better not go into OT.

11:02- Hollerations! Miguel Tejada (Astros) did some sort of fancy single-stolen base-error type of deal and squeezed an extra run for the Nationals.

11:04- And helloooo Mr. Wright ;)

11:04- And good-bye Mr. Wright :(

11:16: Hee hee, Evan Longoria's (Rays) name makes me laugh. But apparently the jokes are old news and he's used to it so I won't go there.

11:20- You know what?! I will go there now. Thanks to him we're going to 9th with the game tied at 3-3.

11:30- Ok I'll step out of my "Go National League" mentality for a sec to say that Mariano Rivera (Yankees) is a bit awesome.

11:32- Oh man, oh man. If the Americans score at the bottom of the 9th now it's a wrap for us. But I have a feeling this game is going into OT. Why? Because I want it to be over, so I bet it's going to drag on for another hour.

11:42- And it's on to OT. Surprised? Not me.

11:52- Men on 1st and 3rd thanks to Tejada!

11:53- Contrale! Que pique! Double play and the Nationals lose their shot to win this game yet again. I think I'm gonna pass out from the heat before this thing is through. Meanwhile, I keep adding more snacks to my lunch bag for work tomorrow. I'm gonna be a fatty.

11:57- Crap, we're screwed. The bottom of the 10th has barely begun and runners on 1st and 3rd, no outs. Dammit Uggla (yes, Uggla) you suck.

12:00- Bases loaded. I can't believe this.

12:02- Oh now, they're all scared. As they should be!

12:03- Yes, pleeease keep throwing to home. Please!!

12:04- Yessss! We survive another inning!!! Bases were loaded throughout the whole bottom of the 10th- that was way too close.

12:18- OMG, I'm not gonna make it guys. I think I'm starting to get nauseous. I don't even know who's up anymore. Is it me or is my HD Fox channel getting blurry-ish? I should call up Cablevision about that.

12:22- Yay!! I saw people running and I got so scared cause I stopped paying attention. I'm all "Oh no who's running?!?! Who are these people!" Phew! It wasn't my people, but they got tagged out at homeplate, so it's still tied.

12:25- My eyes...hurt....falling out....

12:29- Ok, this ends now. 12th inning. My man Tejada is up, men on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out.

12:30- Bases loaded...

12:36- And it's on to the bottomof the 12th inning. I actually had to think for a sec because I lost count.

12:39- Yipers! I go to finally change into some shorts and I come running back to find some guy hitting a double (and a very close homer) at the bottom of the 12. Uggla (Mariners) is still sucking something fierce.

12:41- Man on 3rd...

12:43- Two outs, man still on 3rd...

12:44- Some fool has the audacity to practically skip to 2nd! The nerve.

12:45- I hate baseball. These are my reasons why:

1. They can go on forever with no limits on the number of innings played.

2. I don't understand all the rules.

3. They think stats make them important.

4. They don't let the girls play.

12:48- Baseball's redeeming quality: cute men in tight pants. Wright is up at the top of the 13th. Ooh! And he shattered the bat and made his way to 1st. Hot.

Sidenote: Considering the fact that the home run derby was just last night, why haven't these players hit more homers tonight? I think there's only been one this whole game. Geez, what? Is it hard or something?

New Yankee stadium facts: it's 63% larger than the current one and can house up to 53,000 crazed fans.

1:00- Damn you, Ugly! Don't blame the "bad hop" blame the "no talent." That's 3 errors!

1:05- 14th inning.

1:08- Proof I'm losing it: there was another almost-homer and I'm praying it doesn't make it over the fence and breathe a sigh of relief when it's caught. Yeah, that was my side batting there. Argh.

All-Stars trivia: longest All-Stars game was 15 innings in 1967.

Fruit flies update: I found the source and it was not pretty.

1:25- Top of the 15th (the 15th!!) and Wright walks to first with 2 outs. Doesn't help much since the 3rd out comes soon after.

1:31- Wow, that catch by Ludwick was incredible!

1:33- Bottom of the 15th, men on 1st and 2nd, 1 out, Drew (Red Sox) batting...end the pain, Drew! I don't care who you're with anymore. Lord knows I can't tell.

1:36- Ok, maybe I care. Bases loaded, 1 out....

1:37- DAMMIT!! Thanks to Young's (Rangers) hit, the American League has won the All-Star Game yet again. I'm going to bed now. Mad because there is no justice in the world.

Duration of game: 4 hrs and 50 mins.


  1. im mad your cheering for the nationals...ur supposed to be rooting for wherever the yankees are...yeah derek is no big deal but have u seen posada's ass....and giambi might be on them roids but he will always be the best in my book just cus he holds my number

  2. Haha, sorry kid, but I'm starting to sway toward the peeps who think the Yankees have just been trying to buy everyone out. But I do think Jorge's a little cutie. But Giambi's neck creeps me out. It's like he swallow a tree stump!

  3. lol i never said he was any good looking just the fact that he has my number and that he did great coming in to the yankees....he holds my fanism...lol that is until he leaves the yankees and they bring in another # 25 lol.

  4. Umm Posada. I heart baseball players. And I would love to finish the game, but I need a bed, URGENTLY!! Nightie night :)

  5. No, kidding so do I. Hopefully the American League doesn't score another run now at the bottom of the 8th.

  6. leave jorge alone, eso es TODO MIO! number 20 for the win!!

  7. Strange how he's nowhere to be seen tonight though...hmmm, interesting...

  8. lol sure whatever he might have your number dama .... pero that ass has been in my view way before u came along lol him and pettitte (even though im still mad at him for following that wells character or was it clemens *i always get them confused* everywhere instead of staying where he belongs

  9. where is chuck knoublauch or however you spell his damn name, huh huh?? the only number 11 uve ever rooted for!! fake nyer! and yankee traitor!

  10. no no, ive been known he got a fatty, i jst got lucky that he is also number 20!

  11. lol...who is the character that pettitte has become a siamese twin with? wells or clemens? i think they went to the astros together...where ever one goes theres the other not too far behind.

  12. I believe Clemens is the one who "retired" and then popped up elsewhere and went to the Astros after his stint with the Yankees.

  13. yeah they both came back to the yanks after that too...they seemed like two confused fools

  14. lol confused fools, ju so foni, but i agree!! AND one of them retired and the other followed, idk but they are confused!!

  15. wow someone is a little bitter ... tsk tsk.

  16. Yeah man! And cranky from lack of sleep. And it's only going to get worse if this game goes on much longer.

  17. OMG, YES!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!

  18. I can't believe after all that, after being tied practically all night, after having come so close we could taste the dirt on home plate, the National League lost once again.

    If I were more invested in this thing I'd be depressed. Can someone please check up on dad?

  19. i checked up on him, i called him right after to throw it in his cara!!, lol, he was fine saying "ganaron, ganaron" lol. he'll live!

  20. I can''t believe you stayed up all that time. I wanted to, but I couldn't.

  21. OMG Heidi, I'm so tired! I went to bed at 2 in the morning watching this thing. And I went through like 8 levels of exhaustion including headache, nausea, and confusion.

  22. Ay, I can only imagine. I knew the game would last forever. When I saw that it was 9pm and they were only at the 2nd inning. I knew it woud be forever.

  23. Well that's because the game itself started at 9 pm. But all I was asking for was that the game be over in 9 innings, but nooooo. Someone had to commit 3 errors and cost the National League their victory.


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