Friday, July 18, 2008

Broadway in Bryant Park: Wk 2

Yesterday I caught 106.7's Broadway at Bryant Park during my lunch hour. Each year the radio station gets a slew of Broadway shows to perform a few of its songs (for free) to the crowd on 42nd and 6th. This year (and I think every other year) it's on Thursdays so check out the site to see if any of your faves are performing within the next four weeks.

Yesterday we were treated to Avenue Q, Pure Country (a new play coming in '09), Phantom of the Opera, and the reasons why I suffered through the intense heat: Mamma Mia and In The Heights. You know I was singing along to those ABBA songs ("You can daaaance, you can jiiiiive, having the time of your life, ooooh ooooh..."). Below are some clips from Mamma Mia and In The Heights:

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