Thursday, July 31, 2008

Broadway in Bryant Park: Wk 4

So last week I totally forgot about Broadway in Bryant Park (and hence missed rocking out to The Lion King), BUT I remembered today and got to catch the very first movie I fell in love with: The Little Mermaid! (Don't even act like you don't know the words to the songs). Today we were also treated to Cirque Dreams (left), A Tale of Two Cities, In Transit and Altar Boyz. Below are some video clips from The Little Mermaid's performance, but first I'd like to say a few things:

-I wanted to hurt the lady with the yellow umbrella.
-I love the little boy who plays Flounder. That cutie can sing!
-I think I want to see Altar Boyz, a play about a Christian boy band. Their songs were hilarious (I included one clip from their performance at the end). Fave lyrics: "Jesus called me on my cell phone."
-I hope you know this is more for hearing pleasure than anything because the quality is pretty craptastic.

Part of Your World

Under the Sea

She's in Love

Altar Boyz


  1. I love The Little Mermaid! I have the movie on DVD.

  2. That's the first movie I had the soundtrack for. Love the songs!


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