Monday, July 14, 2008

Brooklyn Museum, BBQs, & Baseball

As promised here are some pics from yesterday's activities:

I started off my day by spending two hours getting to the Brooklyn Museum. Why? Because Dorkys procrastinated and waited til the very last day to catch the Murakami exhibition. I'd heard of it before and read it in passing on Glamour's Single-ish blog, but I just kept pushing it aside til I realized it was almost gone. Honestly, I've never even heard of the man before but his stuff was amazing!! But knowing how much I love cutesy stuff and japanimation, I wasn't surprised I took to his work so much. I'm still considering ordering the exhibition catalogue, but that book costs $65 (ouchie). I wish I could afford a print to put up on my boring walls.

After that I skipped on over to Prospect Park to meet up with some coworkers. Apparently these promoters host a BBQ there each year and have been doing so for the past eight. Each year it gets bigger and bigger and people just find out through word of mouth. It's pretty much black people central and my coworker said you're bound to run into people you know, don't want to see or have hooked up at some point. Hey man, free food? I'm so there!

And because yesterday was also my brother's 17th bday (dear Lord they grow so fast), the fam and I met up to catch a Mets game at Shea. It was a fun time even though I paid attention to only half the game. I was too busy trying to save my ear drums from mom's whoopin and hollerin the rest of the time (meanwhile, the woman thought we were watching the Yankees play). The Mets won against the Rockies 7-0, which made dad's day. Actually, just watching his fave team made his day (and he was so excited on the train ride there, so cute!) which is why I'm surprising him with tickets to the Mets v Phillies game on the 22nd (as a belated father's day gift). They're arch rivals or something and those are the only two teams in the MLB that I know the most about (the Yankees have changed so much I don't even know who's still there. When did Bernie leave?!!?) And as un-NY-ish as this may sound, I'm still torn over who I'll root for. But don't tell my dad. He might disown me.

Oh! And I ate two hot dogs yesterday, one at the BBQ and another at the game. But it took me like 7 minutes to down that second one so I might have to work on my timing a little bit. Then again, at the rate I'm going I might just have a heart attack for Christmas. Check out the running count on the side :)


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