Monday, July 21, 2008

Hancock and Girl Talk

Saturday night the girls and I went out to catch food (Junior's) and a movie (Hancock) and I must say as much as I enjoyed the flick, I loved the talk we had beforehand as much if not more so. Here's the thing, I rarely partake in that girl talk business and often choose to sit back and listen instead of offering up any of my own stories (not that there's much to tell mind you). It's usually a combo of shyness, my need for privacy (since I never had it growing up), the thought of being judged, and just plain not interested in sharing. There's also the tiny fact that I have trouble speaking up and refuse to keep trying to talk over people.

So this little mouth usually stays mum around family, coworkers, and even my closest friends and just opt to pouring my heart out in my journal (because clearly I'm a lot more comfortable writing things out than actually saying them out loud). But every now and then, I do open up and sometimes surprise my friends with what I have to say. "It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for," one of them said at the theater.

The topic of the night was what else? Boys. Or rather men. I think it developed from the fact that this cute guy was sitting right in front of us with the bluest eyes you ever saw. We were trying to convince one friend to sit next to him since he came very much alone, but boo, she refused. And from then the convo went from how far we've gone with a guy at the movies, the crazy things we've done with them elsewhere to the number of guys we've kissed and just how wonderful those kisses were. And after all that (and right before the previews began) what did we conclude? That we really missed our former flames.

Then we spent the next 90 minutes watching a movie about trying to be with the person you were destined for. Yes, people. Surprisingly enough, that's what Hancock is about. Sure there's flying and superhero stunts, but at the end of the day it was about whether you create your own destiny and choose things for yourself or if everything has already been planned out for you. And if it does turn out that you were destined for someone, would you have the strength to let them go if it's for the best?


  1. That guy was so tall, and cute. And dear God those eyes.

    Ok, no me amargues por favor.

  2. Haha, fine. But you can't get sad over it, you should've just gone for it.

    Btw, sad music blasting at 8 in the morning again. Wonderful I tell you.

  3. Ohhh, I am not sad about the guy. I am sad about missing the men from the past.

  4. Oh yeah, tell me about it :/

    And then you don't even know if while you're on this side thinking about them if they're on theirs thinking at all about you.

  5. I concur... shy woman should have approached the single guy in the theater!

    PS. Hancock was a great movie!
    And yes, just like the movie said.. fate can only take you so far. So the person we were meant to be with could be that cutie sitting in the front row.. and because you were being shy..and unaware that the Fate Gods were sending you a message... u missed it!

  6. Hancock was a good movie.

    And manicomio, take a chill pill.


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