Friday, July 18, 2008

Me and My Teddy

And because it wasn't enough for me to jam my lunch hour away to showtunes, I met up with a grad school friend to see Teddy Geiger ("For You I Will (Confidence)") perform at the Bowery Ballroom. I remember she and I drove from Syracuse to Rochester for their Lilac Festival two years ago just to see him play. I hadn't heard much from or about Teddy since and was surprised he was still playing. But she really wanted to go, and I'd never been to the Bowery before, so I agreed to go.

Other performers that night included Standard of Living (never heard and actually didn't get to see this first group perform), Scott Harris (also never heard, but he was actually really really good, need to remember to look him up some time), and Hilary McRae (her name rung a bell, but turns out I've never heard her songs; was more of a soulful singer but needs major improvement on connecting with her audience; loved her songs though and reminded me of Sara Bareilles' voice..."Head underwater and they tell me to breathe easy for a while..."). All the acts were surprisingly talented (to me) and way better than those Latin indie acts I saw last week. It also helped that these kids actually played their instruments. Then of course Teddy came out and rocked it. He sang like 20 songs in an hour and half, maybe more, I lost count. The kid took like a 2 min break in between all that so major kudos to him and his stamina. Apparently he recorded 33 songs which are all up on his site and fans can vote on their faves/create their own album. Then the best picks will make it onto his next album due out sometime this fall.


  1. I'm going to muster every ounce of confidence I have and cannon bal into the water.....Cause I can fall asleep in those eyes, like a waterbeddddddddd

    I love that song!

  2. Oh snap! You remember/slash know that song? Ay ombe, he's such a cutie-petutie looking like he's 12 :)

    Oh and yes, I was singing along to that one song I knew.

  3. YUP! its in my ipod. I love that song. And the video was cute too.

  4. Oh wow, you've got me beat because I've never seen the video. Then again I've seen him perform twice (but the first time was free and this last time was 15 bucks).

    I used to love the line "forgive me if i st-stutter from all of the clutter in my head, cause I can fall asleep in those eyes like a waterbed...."

    Would've been very appropriate to sing to the cutie at the theater ;)

  5. Ay si, que papi ese hombre. He was so tall too.

    You always want what you can't haveeeeeee, but I have to try, I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have, for you I will.

    That song is so cute.

  6. Did you check out the other songs on his page? There were several that he sang Thursday night that were pretty good. And I liked how he'd switch up from playing his guitar to playing the piano. Oh, and his hair. It looked so good!


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