Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mission: Gain Weight Update

Ok, so I'm still doing the things I said I'd do. I even bought a scale at Tar-jay today to keep track. I weighed in at an impressive (not really) 83 lbs, so I'm getting there I guess? At least I haven't dipped into the 70s, thank God. You can keep tabs on my progress on the side panel.

Ok, time to make porkchops.

Update update: Something is wrong with the scale because now it says 80 and it's not budging from there. Argh.


  1. Are you eating healthy breakfast? (Egg and cheese on toast, pancakes, etc etc). Are you drinking your milk in the morning and at night? Heavy lunches, snacks in between..lots of potatoe!!

  2. Lots of rice too, pile on the carbs!

  3. Man, I think I'm eating whatever I have time for. It's hard to gain weight when you have a full time job. Also, it's hard to gain weight when it's suffocatingly hot outside. Who on earth wants to eat a nice big bowl of steaming rice and beans with it's 90 degrees outside?? Ay no! Pass me that milkshake instead.


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