Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MTA: Going Your Way to the Poorhouse

So apparently the MTA is planning on hiking up the fare yet again next year. The price would jump from $2 to $2.25 next July to take a late, grimy train that's sure to halt in between stops for one reason or another. And let's not mention the constant "construction" going on that makes weekend trips near impossible. What's all the construction for anyway? They say it's to maintain reliable service along that line, but it seems to make things worse with no improvements in sight. Instead of focusing on the tile work and what color to paint the walls maybe they should concentrate a little more on getting those trains running on time. If they did that then commuters won't stuff themselves like sardines into each car while rolling their eyes as the conductor yells, "THERE'S ANOTHER TRAIN RIGHT BEHIND THIS ONE!"

Yeah, there is. A half hour away maybe. And that's life in New Yorker years.


  1. I would think that since they want us to pay more they would send more trains out. Trains that work and don't crawl underground.

    You know what else I heard, that this increase is coming next year while so far for the past year there are 25% more delays than in previous years. So we will pay more for worse service. I wish I could just walk to work. Wouldnt it be lovely to live a few blocks away and just walk?

  2. I had the MTA ride from hell this morning..HELL!!!


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