Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Ok, so the following shall be proof that I am in fact an old fogie who'll be pleased with anything:

I Got My Toes Done
So after a long and brutal year (actually, more than that) my toes have finally been pampered! I never get manis and pedis and the thought of strangers messing with my feet and getting near my fingers and toes with sharp objects freaks me out to no end (I can't even look when they do). But it's been way too hot and my poor feet have been in those prison sneaks for way too long. Lord knows they were not ready to be exposed before, but now! Oh snap, look out flip-flop-wearing world:

I Got Me Some Cabinet Space
Tonight my dad and his buddy passed by to finally install a new cabinet and shelf in the kitchen area. The sole cabinet I had before was not cutting it so now I have room to put away my cooking supplies, ingredients and I have a nice shelf on the other side of the fridge for my microwave and toaster. Now, can I get a "holler?"

Before... and after!
I'm So Vain
I also got dad's friend to finally hang up the Ikea mirror I've had lying around for a month. Now I don't have to tippy toe up to the bathroom mirror. Nope, instead I can gaze at my pretty little face from the comfort of my own room :)

Oh and let's not forget the fact that I got out early from work today and have tomorrow off. And this long weekend I have hot dog eating, waterfall watching, late night clubbing and drunken karaoking to do. Hmm, so maybe I'm not so oldish after all!


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