Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tourist DON'TS

As a born-and-raised New Yorker, I've grown up with a certain distaste for tourists. Few things annoy me more than a clueless out-of-towner blocking my way to point B. So I've compiled a little list I'd like to call "Tourist Do Not's:"

DO NOT take a picture of your beloved friends and family from 50 feet away. We will purposely walk into your shot (if we notice you that is) to prove to you how stupid this is.

DO NOT walk down the street hand in hand, taking up the whole sidewalk. Your chain, and spirits, will be broken.

DO NOT stop in the middle of the street to marvel at the height of our skyscrapers. Yes, the buildings are tall. Now move along or step aside.

DO NOT stop a rushing New Yorker (there's a redundant phrase) to ask for directions. I, for one, do not have time to figure out which way Madison Avenue is (especially after coming out of a train station; I barely know which way is up!). Therefore, I will point you into which ever way the wind blows and walk away.

DO NOT automatically flock to Times Square for all your sightseeing and chain-walking adventures. Some of us have the luck/misfortune of actually working there. I'm sure Staten Island has something for you to do.

DO NOT assume New Yorkers are all a bunch of rude and selfish bastards. We're nice, really. Just stay out of the way :)

So New Yorkers, I'm sure I left some things out. Care to share?



  1. I hate tourists. You should see these hill billies and their colorful fanny packs around the WTC.. snapping pictures of a construction site for the love of God!! I wish I could push them.

  2. Aww you guys are mean poor tourists are just trying to look at this wonderful city we call home. But I can't lie I lose patience shen they wall like turtles in front of me and I am trying to get TO WORK!

    Dorkys I just replied from my phone!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  3. And you can see I am still learning to use the keyboard....look at the typos :/

  4. Oh I love this post - I can see why it's one of your favourites! I am lucky enough to have been to NYC in Feb 99 - WTC was still there so was a shadow on heart on 9/11. I used to live in London so can totally relate to the tourists!!

    I came over from SITS Great blog - will definately be coming back for more!


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