Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Best Years

Earlier today, my friend sent an e-mail to me and another friend asking "Do you think you’ve already lived the best years of your life, are living them now or do you think they are still to come?"

She herself felt she had already lived them during her college days while our other friend said she had started living them already and was still in the midst of her good years. As for me, I feel like I'm on the cusp of the best years of my life; that I'm just starting to live them now. I know I've been fortunate and have had great moments over the last few, but I'm waiting for more. I'm still trying to feel comfortable in my own skin and be confident in where I'm heading. I think the phase I'm in now is still filled with tons of confusion and even more questions. As fun as it is to be young, free and allowed to make all these mistakes along the way, I can't wait until my life is little more stable. When I can say, "Ok, I know who I am, I'm happy with what I'm becoming and I'll embrace whatever happens tomorrow."

But then again, who knows if that will be enough for me when it comes. And maybe that's a good thing. Knowing me, I'll keep hoping my best days are just around the corner; knowing today's pretty great, but thinking tomorrow could be much better.


  1. Enjoy your life now, but I have to tell you as an almost 47 year old, I really know who I am, what I want and don't want, what I will and will not put up with and I don't lie awake at night wondering if I should change my mind. I guess what I am saying is the best is yet to come!

  2. And that is exactly what I'm looking forward to! I'd like to think that at 26, I have so much more to experience.

    Maybe when I'm 100 I can look back and definitely say when my best years were, but until I've lived them all I refuse to say.

  3. I don't know. When I think about the good things that can come at the end of the day I can't imagine how fully happy I can be without Mami. Whoever said time heals all got it wrong.

    Things like that never stop hurting.

  4. Heidi,

    I might not have a lot of faith when it comes to some things, but I truly believe that you have so many great days ahead. And we'll be right there to help you live them.

    Plus, who do you think is going to be riding shotgun when I make all those mistakes?! Buckle up, monkeybutt!

  5. Awww thank you :). I'll be ok, my sadness comes and goes in waves. When things have no solution all you can do is learn to live with what you have and be thankful for what you do have.

  6. Yes, there's nothing but blues skies ahead my friend! Oh. Except for Saturday. I see rain for Saturday. But after that - blue skies, I'm telling ya!


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