Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Book Club

So I finally borrowed The Last Lecture from the library today and have already started reading it. I invite those who've read it or would like to read it with me to share any thoughts on the book. As part of The Book Club I'll be posting thoughts and questions until I finish it. For those who aren't interested in reading, no worries. You can still share your thoughts on the selected topic and answer any questions I pose.


  1. i didnt know he passed away till like a week ago when i checked up on his blog thingy online and it said he passed away 7/25... =(

  2. I may read it... whats the book about and how far into it are you?

  3. I just started it yesterday so I'm only on page 39 right now. But the book is so tiny you'll breeze right through it.

    Basically, this professor gave a speech as part of Carnegie Mellon's "Last Lecture" series, only this truly would be Randy Pausch's last lecture. He had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and was given only a couple more months to live. That speech was a sensation (it was also recorded and posted online) and so he wrote a book based off that lecture.

    But it's not about dying and being morose. Instead it's about how to live life and achieve your childhood dreams. Basically it's how to celebrate the life you have because you never know when it'll be over. Unfortunately, Randy passed away July 25th, but I'm sure many have learned a lot from what he had to say and how he lived his life. Hopefully, I'll be one of them.

  4. ehhh it sounds like a good read but I already practice that ritual. I'll wait till the next book ;)


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