Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 6: I Went Temporarily Insane

So today at work I get an e-mail from a friend with the subject heading "Man Raffle." Intrigued, and slightly scared (you'd be too if you knew my friend), I opened it up to see what she had to say this time.

Turns out the child had talked to a friend of a friend who offered himself up to her friends. She included the 411 on this 27-year-old from la capital (Santo Domingo) who left his number and asked her to give it to one of her "nice, educated" friends. After I laughed for a bit, I thought, "Man, that might be a good one for Day 6." Obviously this blog is going to get me in trouble someday.

After a little back and forth, some "that's TOTALLY out of the box" and "that might be TOO out of the box for me," I decided to let her fwd my number. I figure eh, maybe he won't call if it's him who has to reach out.

Dude called in two hours.

And here's the thing: not only is giving out my number to a total stranger totally out the box for me (I've only done it once, to someone I met at a club, two years ago), but this guy is pretty much my anti-type! I do double takes for the skinny white geeks who wear glasses rather than Latin men. That's not to say I haven't noticed them in the past, but the others catch my attention more. Which only means my friends and I will NEVER fight over men since our tastes are so different and that is just fine by me.

Well, I was busy when Don Juan called so he offered to call back after 9 PM, which he did. Only we just talked for four minutes, got practically no sense over what kind of person he is (I don't even know if he works and apparently at our age I have to start asking if the guy has kids! Lord...). Eh, all in all I had a rough session with T tonight so I wasn't up for much talking, but I tried (Spanish is so limiting!). He did say he'd call me back tonight y mira la hora que es y nada.

Dominican strike one...

Crazy Man Update: So apparently Don Juan did not say that he'd call me later BUT that he'd pass by my place later! Imagine my surprise - and horror - when the guy calls twice to let me know that he's downstairs and that he wants me to go see him.

Dominican strike two...


  1. Lmao! Call me back ASAP!! (At work)

  2. So was he hot??

  3. hmm stalkerish lol

    how did he know where you live?

  4. Yeah I guess he looked "good" by your standards Anonymous. I'm sure I looked like I had just risen from the dead though since I only had time to throw on some shoes, pop a Big Red in my mouth and put on some lip gloss. I guess that's what I get for zoning out during a 4-minute conversation!

    Later on in the car (yeah bad idea I know) I told him about the confusion and that if I had known I would've told him not to come. Seguro le cai como una piedra especially since I was sitting so far from him on the passenger side I was practically still in my building.

    And yeah I thought it was a bit TOO forward of him (so much for men of action). Earlier in the night we were talking about where we lived and when I mentioned my neighborhood he asked where specifically because he used to live in the area too (apparently his parents live across the street).

    So basically I'm going to get myself killed one of these days so if you don't hear from me for a couple days send out the dogs.

  5. The getting in his car was a bad idea. You don't know him, he can be perfectly nice, but you don't know that yet.

    But at least he didn't drive off with you in the trunk.

    Its good you took the chance to meet him, whatever happens its just a new friend/acquaintance. And you can't go wrong in that.

  6. Yeah I don't think I was paying too much attention when my parents tried to teach me about strangers either. Plus, I'm the fool that always thinks "But who would want to hurt me??!"

    Anyway, yeah I feel the same. Could be someone else to know - or not. Quien sabe. Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

    As far as the "Does he have kids?" questions I keep getting: folks, I was more concerned about the job situation to remember to ask about baby mamas.

    When I asked what he did, I could've sworn I heard him say "free loader," but when he did the driving motion with his hand I figured I probably heard wrong (yet again!). Then he said something about trucks.

    In conclusion, I need to get my ears checked.


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