Saturday, August 23, 2008


Over the past week I've been doing some blog browsing and have come across a bunch of creative people who are sharing their talent. So I thought, "Hey! I got talent! And sharing is caring!" So that led me to create this Flashback section. Every so often I'll share my creative works of art from back in the day (namely high school because face it, I wasn't exactly the coolest kid then, which shall be evident soon enough). The first several installments will be from my so-called fashion line for little people. Let the critiquing begin!

First off, can someone please tell me why I thought outfit #1 was acceptable? Chick has pink hair, some sort of yarmulke veil contraption on her head and arm bands. And why is she stepping on her own foot? She looks like she's about to topple over and I only hope she can break the fall with her four-fingered hands (though the one on the right has a a little extra stump for good measure).

Girl #2 is looking a lot classier than her friend there. I think I'd buy that dress. In fact, I now own an American Apparel jersey dress in a similar shade (right) and it looks awesome. But dear Lord, that hair! It's attacking her face!


  1. The first one is hilarious! She has chains holding her arms to the side. And the second one has 2 colas.

  2. Those are arm bands woman. Arm Bands!


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