Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Gratitudes List

So how any of you read The Secret? Well good for you - I didn't. But apparently giving thanks each day is one of the activities Rhonda Byrne discusses in the book. It's something that shouldn't just be reserved for the fourth Thursday in November over turkey legs (mmm...turkey legs...). So set time aside to acknowledge your blessings and appreciate the fact that hard as your days may be, there are always things in your life for which to be happy.

My Gratitudes List
  • My family (even though I haven't been talking too much to them lately)
  • A job that allows me to do what I love
  • My health (though I put it through the ringer sometimes)
  • My education
  • Close friends
  • The chance to live in a great city
  • Being able to fend for myself in said great city
  • The chance to dream big, have goals and see them come true

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