Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy August Foolios!

So August is upon us guys. Face it: summer is practically done and I froze my behind each and every single day at the office. BUT there's still one full month of humidity (read: bad hair days) and unpredictable weather left. Yay!

Since to me the month is pretty boring (no holidays = no days off!!) and not really known for anything (other than Augustus and bizarre holidays people make up for fun), I thought I'd take each and every single day for me! Here's the deal:

For 31 days, I will do something either out of character or something new that will force me out of my shell. Like what you ask? Like tell you to mind yo business and wait.

See I'm a shy creature of habit. I figure out what I like and don't stray far from it. I'll order the exact same thing when I return to a restaurant (because what if everything else sucks??) and take the same route when I walk around "aimlessly." I plan out every detail, consult my agenda and have yet to master the art of spontaneity. So the goal this month is to broaden my horizons (as cliché as that sounds) and do a little more growing (figuratively, because I've faced the fact that I will never reach 5'), conquer some fears and discover new things. Should be fun. That or as lame as this month. We'll see what happens; I'm scared already.


  1. What are you going to do today?

  2. You'll see :)

    That means, "I'm not sure yet." But I have an idea.

  3. Ya yo se, You're going to dance bachata in Times Square??

  4. The goal is personal growth, Heidi! Not get committed!

  5. They give a pretty penny to the friends and family members of those comitted to Bellevue.


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