Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Snap!

This one is all me:

Seriously folks. I'm bringing gloves tomorrow.


  1. OMG yes this is me everyday at work... i swear my toes are purple under that pink nail polish...i get made fun of cus i wear a sweater every day...their all "why dont u wear a scarf and gloves" and im all "i just might"

  2. I've had to bring in a sweater to work. All. Summer. Long. It's ridiculous! Our corner of the floor is the Artic and the other side is a nice temperate paradise. I've been very tempted to bring in my laptop and work in the kitchen.

    I keep my left hand in a tight fist so that one does all right, but my exposed right hand...poor thing...I think it's going to fall off one of these days.


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