Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "Perfect" Significant Other List

Ah. The list which describes your perfect significant other. How many people don't have a list (some may be longer than others) detailing every quality a person needs to possess before you consider dating him/her? Some call it "having standards" while others say it's being "too picky." All I know is that as time has passed by, things have fallen off my list. My "perfect" guy no longer needs to have dimples or have a foreign accent. In fact, he doesn't have to be perfect at all.

I guess the more experience you obtain, the tighter that list gets; filled only with qualities you truly can't live without.

The Qualities of my "Perfect" Significant Other List
  • Kind eyes
  • Goofball personality
  • Ambitious
  • Intelligent
  • Curious
  • Charitable
  • Has a huge heart
  • Must love dogs


  1. Smart, sweet, behaves like a gentleman, believes in God, loves dogs, not too loud, good listener, makes me smile,hard-worker, ambitious, patient, charitable, open-minded, caring, compassionate.

    Gets along with my dad, gets along with his family, understands the meaning of unconditional love, doesn't take things too seriously (laid back).

  2. Nice list you have going there. Mine is clearly the abridged version :)


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