Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boys, Boys, All Types of Boys

Over the past month and a half there have been a couple new characters that have popped into my life for some reason. And yes, one old one. Here's a rundown:

The Security Guy

Back in August, one of the security guards at work started calling for my attention. Every time I'd walk in or out of the building he'd say, "I'm watching you." Yes, I'd smile and giggle back because really, who doesn't like to be noticed? And I actually busted out laughing when on my way out to lunch one day I heard "sometimes it feels like somebody's watching me..." coming from the distance. But the thing is he'd say this everyday several times a day and around other people! Frankly, it was getting kind of annoying/kind of creepy. One day I snapped back, "Why are you watching me??"
And he replied, "I'm just looking out for you."
"Uh huh," I said.

Well I didn't want to give him the wrong idea so I started ignoring him whenever I'd see him looking at me from the corner of my eye. I'm such a cold-hearted witch, I know. Either way he stopped "watching" me a couple weeks after that. Or at least he didn't yell it out every time he saw me. But we still say hi every now and then.

Well end of day Monday, he was in our office hanging out with our receptionist - who is pretty much cool with the whole building - and the three of us ended up taking the elevator together. "Hey Dorkys," she said, "you know --?" And just like that I learned his name and he learned mine. Apparently he's also invited to her birthday party next week. When she mentioned that her goal was to get all her girls drunk that night, I said negativo to that. I actually have to work the next day! Then he said, "Don't worry, if anything you and I take the same way home."


Turns out he gets off three stops before me on the train ride home and he once saw me in his train car. "I told you I was watching you," he added. Oh boy.

The MySpace Pen Pal

Almost four weeks ago I received a friend request from a total stranger. As is customary when I'm completely bored and curious, I sent him the usual "Do I know you?" The answer is always no and this time was no different, but instead of leaving it at that we actually kept messaging each other. For three hours. It was actually nice talking to someone (don't worry, it was all clean) and probably spilling too many personal details about what we were reading, what we've learned from past relationships and the pressures of getting married (he's 37 and single). I told him I recently decided to create some distance between my ex and me. He told me his family tried to set him up with someone at a funeral.

Since that night, we've sent more messages, I accepted him as a "friend" and Monday night he asked me for the online equivalent of my digits: "Do you have AIM?" So I passed along my screen name. It's been cool talking to him and must say I thoroughly enjoyed the compliments that followed when he was granted access to my MySpace pictures. But it'll pretty much stay at that since I'm not interested in taking it any further. He did casually invite me to the movies Labor Day weekend, but I was so busy I had to decline. By the way, he also lives in the Bronx.

Mr. First

Our keeping in touch has become more and more sporadic, but when we do speak it's still great. I still wish it had worked out between us because I miss him so much. It's especially hard when I make my way back to my apartment alone after a night out and realize that I can't call him anymore to tell him I got in OK. That he's not waiting up for me to make sure I'm safe at home. That's when I feel the loneliest. Maybe it's the alcohol that raises that sensitivity level, but I wish I could dial his number at two in the morning and say, "Hey babe, I'm home now."

On Monday he sent me a random e-mail. "So check this out," he wrote. "I ran into something online that I found hilarious, especially for you so I ordered you some of it. It’s nothing big, but I imagine you will get a chuckle from it too." And apparently the monkeybutt mistakenly registered me as a "Mister!" That goofball...

So we'll see what craziness arrives for me at the office soon enough :)

The Dominican Striker

Remember him? Well I never heard from him again - thank the Lord - but I'm sure he has gone on to lead a fruitful life stalking other women. In fact, he showed up at my friend's building just days later asking for more numbers. Bless his heart.

So that's it on the men. Now you tell me, would you ever date someone from work? And do you have age limits on the people you'll date? Because right now my answers are "No" and "Three years younger or three years older." Hmmm, but I don't think I'm ready to start letting 30-year-olds into the picture starting next year...


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your security guy engenders so much insecurity. The person who has the power & privilege to protect people just shouldn't be so gosh darn creepy!

  2. Oops -- that last comment was from me. I manage &/or update several blogs from my computer & lose track sometimes.

  3. He told me his family tried to set him up with someone at a funeral.


    Trying to be set up by your family at a funeral! LOL Oh I can't stop laughing....

  4. Ps. I never heard back from Dominican Stalker either... lol

  5. hi sweetie...having a little something-something for you...I'm having my "barbie FINALE" at my blog heehee,see you!


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