Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clay is Gay

So do you think now people will stop focusing on the non-important and acknowledge that the kid can sing? Because at the end of the day, that's the only thing that would have the slightest effect on the rest of us. And the baby is a cutie petutie :)

Btw, Clay made his return to Broadway's Spamalot last Friday and will be reprising his role as Sir Robin until January 4.

In other coming-out-the-closet news, Lindsay Lohan admitted to dating Samantha Ronson. Again, do I care? No.


  1. Maybe people will learn to mind their own business because really, it's his life he can do what he wants with it. Geez, leave the man alone.

  2. I think it was tough on him when people kept on asking if he's gay and he had to say "no"... Now I think he feels so much better and relieved. Good for him and yes, I agree, he can sing!

  3. so, clay gaycom, finally came out! SHOCKER!!!!
    he was so obvious, I fell bad though, he must feel like a lier.
    and lindsy? I actually made a blog entry about her and sam! they were so obvious as well.

  4. Ha, yes I read your little "not so made up convo" about them some days ago!


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