Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eternal Sunshine

So remember The Geography of Bliss - that book I mentioned earlier this month? Well I took that much-needed break from reading and stopped after I was only seven pages in. But today I've picked it back up and am surely on the road to happiness now. Or not.

Either way, I've come across an interesting question that I'd like to pose to all of you: if you could experience constant pleasure all the time with no harm to your health or anything - just happiness 24/7 - would you? As much as I'd love to stop being depressed so often, I might actually get tired of being cheerful All The Time. Who knows? Maybe you need the downs to appreciate the ups like how you need the butt-uglies to appreciate the cutie-petuties. Plus, I think most people need the idea of pursuing happiness in order to be happy. So what say you? Would you choose constant pleasure?

And I'm thinking of renting Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this weekend. I've never seen it.


  1. i saw it early july, i liked it, it was like the matrix for me, not in genre or anything like that, just the fact that i had all these questions, and had to figure shit out... i think youll like it, i def enjoyed it!

    ps. dont rent, its called blockbuster and netflix are just evil money-hungry empires... in addition BB ta como k going thru the plague or some other deadly epidemic, cuz theyre disappearing!

  2. oh ps. happiness all the time? umm no thank you! could u imagine, dk being happy thru ur period? its jst unfathomable!

  3. T always tells me some people think being depressed and sad all the time is dramatic, romantic even. Especially writers. Go figure. Apparently we fall in love with that tragic idea.

    And I thought surfthechannel was only for umm...surfing the channel? I didn't know they did movies, too. Uh-oh, this could be bad...

  4. I think that some people like to be depressed because its easier than being happy.

    Being happy takes more effort than being sad. Being depressed is just about being mad at life/the world for what you want and don't have.

    Being happy is looking past those things and noticing the good times that you do have and the good things that you have everyday. It takes work to fight the ugly depression monster.

    I don't need to have sad days to appreciate happiness anymore, I have had enough sad days that if I were happy from now on for the rest of my life I would appreciate it :)

    And lately, I have been content (knocks on wood)constantly, thank God.

  5. omg gurl-friend where you been?! STC has tv, movies, cartoons, documentaries!! it has sooo many goodies that it has the power to suck us in and make us all fail at life.

  6. heidi: I know. It's way easier to fall into the mopey state than fight off the blues. Especially if it's become ingrained in you. After spending years practicing this bad habit, it's hard to learn how not to do it.

    carta de verano: So for starters, I thought you were a new commenter and I got all excited. Then I realized it's just you, summer fiend.

    And clearly STC has sucked you in already. I'll jump on the band wagon this weekend.


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