Monday, September 8, 2008

Mets v Phillies Scores

Game 1
Phillies 3
Mets 0

Sunday Doubleheader
Game 2
Phillies 6
Mets 2

Game 3
Phillies 3
Mets 6

Eh, if the Mets were going to win one game, at least it was the one dad went to. I've also realized it's no fun cheering for the Phillies at an away game. Although come to think of it, those fans of theirs are pretty brutal during home games too...

I'll post more pics of our final trip to Shea later. The one above was from my camera phone. I actually scored us some pretty decent seats right above home plate for $25 each so that was nice.

Btw, this now means the Mets are two wins ahead of the Phillies and keep their first place position in the NL East.

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