Friday, September 5, 2008

Loving the Quirks (con't)

After reading Stephanie Klein's post (see yesterday's entry) I started thinking about some of my own quirks:
  • I need to sleep on my tummy with one leg bent up at the knee Captain Morgan style
  • I scrunch up my nose as my way of asking "What?"
  • When a song I know comes on the car radio, I must pick up the nearest water bottle and sing into it
  • Oftentimes when I think, I tap my finger on the tip of my nose (caught that one from hanging out with a friend too much)
  • Just before I fall asleep, my body gives this little involuntary shake (this one is really weird; it's like my body can't shift gears correctly) and I never noticed until I had someone to sleep next to
What about you guys? Any quirkiness in your lives?

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