Friday, September 5, 2008

Mets v Phillies: Take 6

So the Mets and the Phillies will be facing off yet again for the sixth time this season. This weekend's three-game series kicks off tonight at 7:10 PM. I'll also be at Shea Stadium (probably for the last time before the team's big move) for Sunday night's final showdown.

Ooh! I just read Cole Hamels will be pitching for the Phillies when I'm there! Eeee! I love me some Cole Hamels and I haven't caught him in action this whole season.

Sooo will the Phillies tie in with the Mets for first place in the NL East standings? Will the Mets create a wider gap between themselves and the second-place Phillies? Will my dad finally disown me for cheering on my ex-bf's team? Stay tuned!

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