Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A New Generation of 90210'ers

So the show JUST finished and I'm still on the fence about it. I think a lot of parts/dialogue was a bit corny and I was more interested in what the teachers were up to than the kids' antics (btw helloooo Mr. Matthews!). I mean some parts were good (I actually liked Annie's character played by Shenae Grimes) and I'll give it a chance to see if it gets better. I didn't grow up on the original and caught reruns of it back in the late 90s so I can't really compare one with the other. I also felt like you could barely get into the show before the characters dove into cheesy "witty" banter/ smiles and giggles and it was off to yet another commercial break.

But enough about what I thought. What did you guys think about the new 90210?

P.S. When did Brenda's grill get so distorted??


  1. I thought it was ok, I was expecting more drama and more maturity and I didn't get that. But I will wait it out a few more weeks to see if it gets better. The principal was cute and so was Mr. Matthews.

    But I felt the other 90210 was more drama filled hence more interesting.

  2. And yes Brenda's grill is bad. I wonder what happened to her mouth?......hmmmmm

  3. Mmmm to Mr. Matthews and Mr. Husband With An Illegitimate Son. Which looks cuter?

    And yes, I was expecting maybe a little too much depth for a CW/teenage geared show. Even though from what I hear Gossip Girl is one insanity after another.

    And I think she took two bats to the face.

  4. I can honestly say, I have never watched that show. How sad is that, am I the only one?

  5. It's not sad at all! I kept having to ask my friend what happened with whom last night because I didn't remember any back story. Plus, I only caught a few reruns years later and apparently the only thing that stayed in my brain was the theme song.

  6. Gossip Girl is the best!

  7. I am on the fence too, actually. It looks like it's going to be just another One Tree Hill or The OC. I like the original 90210 much better, but can't quite put my fingers around why. I guess 90210 isn't 90210 without the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle.


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