Saturday, September 13, 2008

NY Tech Mini Reunion

Last night I went to a mini NYIT reunion some people from my undergrad put together. It was at the Chill Lounge on 39th and Lexington Avenue. I'd never been there, but after all the fun I had I'd definitely go back. We pretty much took over the bar area with our singing and dancing. I only wished I hadn't decided to wear so many layers that day; I was broiling!

Either way, it was great seeing all those people I hadn't seen since I left school three years ago: friends, residents (I was a resident advisor for 3.5 years) and people whose names I never knew to begin with. Last night was also the first night all but one of them saw me drinking and dancing since I was such a busy goody two shoes back then that I never went out clubbing. And of course over the course of the night I learned who got married, who was on their way to biting the dust, who had popped out babies and who was preggers. Fun times; I'm glad I fought the urge to go home after work and curl up on my couch instead :)

Then on my way back to Grand Central Terminal at midnight, I couldn't help myself from taking pictures of these two beautifully eerie sights: Grand Central Terminal (above) and the Chrysler Building (below).

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