Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plus One More

And because my friend feels she has such a great track record setting people up - like she did with the Dominican Striker - she has decided that I need to meet yet another guy. Apparently she's been trying to set me up with this ex-military "cutie" for a while and e-mailed him my number before I even knew what was going on. Maybe I shouldn't have ignored her e-mail from this afternoon: "Hey excited about your blind date coming up??"

She refuses to give me any details so that we'll "have stuff to talk about." Oy vey. The rest of the online convo went as follows:

Setter-upper: Do u wanna see a pic?
Me: Sure why not. Save us all some time and trouble.
Setter-upper: Nope! Too bad!
Me: You suck!!
Setter-upper: Defies the whole purpose of a blind date and you telling me alllllllll about it.
Me: Not if it doesn't happen I won't be.
Setter-upper: Well talk on the phone first at least!
Me: Yes, because we all know how great I am on the phone. I zoned out with the other one and we talked for only 4 minutes!! Oh! Does he speak English? Tell me he speaks English at least!
Setter-upper: Yes! Perfect English!

Well at least he has that going for him. And clearly I'm just here for her amusement. We'll see how this one plays out.


  1. Hello:) Thank you for visiting my blog. And I LOVED your suggestion. It was really funny.

    I've never had blind date before. Kind of makes you nervous, don't you think so? Good luck with that and let me know how it goes!!!

  2. Neither have I, Maki. They've always scared the crap out of me - not that I've done much dating in my lifetime anyway!

  3. You must have forgotten that your setter- upper friend was responsible for the great Rosanna and Joel hook up... Did you forget?!!

  4. I don't think I even knew that to begin with. Hmmm...they were a cute couple. Either way, you've got one strike against you!

  5. Fine fine fine I'll take my first strike. Just be mindful that I get at least 5 chances before I'm out.
    : )
    And I'm so happy you're willing to put yourself out there.. He sent me a text this morning asking if you saw his Myspace....I said NOPE you can talk about that later.
    : ) Danggg I'm that good.

  6. Ay ombe. Is he nervous or is he a pro at this stuff? And I can't believe you're not going to tell me anything and send me out into the wild without any details. You're so wrong!

    And I'm still iffy about putting myself out there. I still don't think I'm ready.

  7. The setter upper loves to pair people off. Loves it! Yes I am talking to you manicomio.


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