Friday, September 5, 2008


Why do people think it's ok to say, "Wow, you lost a lot of weight. You really need to eat." You don't hear me saying, "Chunky much? Lay off the cheeseburgers." Why? Because it might hurt someone's feelings!

So when you see me, don't state the obvious. I Already Know.


  1. lol, i cant even tell when youve lost wgt. your good ol' buddy Valdivia is all OMG uve lost ten pounds in a yr, meanwhile that jst means im at 93, anything bw 90-100 is fine by me, 105 was my "fatty" stage. a esa mujer k me deja tranquila coño, i think shes jst HATING! and then in D.R. ppl thought i wasn't eating on purpose, im all no, i'm just NOT hungry, i mustve said no to food a BILLION times and then some. "ay dios, te va a morir de hambre!! k es ta enamorada??? vas a llegar a nueva yol malogra!" ay D.R... lol

  2. Man, I hated that woman. She's the reason I haven't been back to the doctor for a physical in a year! The last time I went to see her she almost made me cry. I told her I kept having dizzy spells and she didn't even let me finish before she said, "No, you need to go to a psychiatrist." What the!?

    Imagine if she saw me now...

  3. People need to mind their own business and take care of themselves. If we all concentrated on our own lives instead of keeping track of other people's lives we would be better off.

    next time someone tells you something answer, :yea, I know, but you've aged like 10 years since I last saw you.


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