Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tram to Roosevelt Island

On Thursday, I up and decided to finally take that tram into Roosevelt Island. Why? Because! For years I've seen the little car zip through the air thinking, "One day, one day..." But I always pushed it aside. Yeah well I remember seven summer ago I told my little brother the same thing about visiting two certain towers. We started walking toward the World Trade Center from Canal Street thinking it was a lot closer than it actually was. When we realized that it was quite a bit away - and that we were both starving - we decided to go home instead. We could always visit the Twin Towers another day. We never went back.

The tram station is located on 59th Street and 2nd Avenue and the fare is $2 each way, but I was able to use my Metrocard (yay for monthly unlimited!). I loved the view of the city as well as the bridge and was on the bridge within 10 minutes. Once on the island I hopped on their bus for a quarter and took it around the north side of the island for a little tour. The two-mile long island is so cute; although it's mostly a residential area, they have their schools, supermarkets, plazas and a library. I wish I had walked along the river/park, but like seven years ago, I was famished and just wanted to head back home for food. At least this time I actually got to my destination before giving up.

The whole trip took less than a half hour and before I knew it was flying back to another island and the view of Manhattan as it was getting closer to dusk was lovely.

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