Saturday, October 11, 2008


Castle Clinton National Monument, Battery Park, NYC

This sandstone battery built to defend the city’s harbor during the War of 1812 was fully armed and yet it never fired a single shot except for target practice (it was also off-shore until a landfill expanded Battery Park). Since then it’s hosted opera shows, newly arrived immigrants before Ellis Island opened, and an aquarium. Today it's a free little museum where you can buy tickets to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


  1. I've been to NYC tons of times. I wonder how I missed this.

  2. And I've lived here my whole life and only just heard of it a couple weeks ago on a story assignment. There's something new at every corner in this city.

  3. Wow. I've been to NYC many times, but never been there. So much history, I'm intfigued... You're so lucky living in the city, girl!


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