Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apparently I'm "Nutty"

So today I got another comment about Friday's "I've Been Tagged!" post from David Donnell. Turns out he's the editor of Nuts in New York, a website about things that are...well...nuts in NY.

"Couldn't resist posting about you on "Nuts in NY," he wrote. "All in good fun, of course; your to-do list thing was SO funny."

First thought: Uh-oh...

Second thought [after reading]: Phew! I'm glad the man didn't rip into me for being a total weirdo, but mostly thank the Lord I chose a halfway decent pic for my profile. You imagine if I'd chosen some craziness like this?!

Thanks for the mention, David! You've got some funny stuff on there and I'm sure you'll never run out of craziness in this city :)

If you guys want some more nuttiness, check out this story my sis told me about earlier. Some foolio named his daughter Sarah McCain Palin as an endorsement because he didn't have enough money to send to the campaign. Oh, and why don't we add the fact that he did this behind his wife's back? I'd've ripped out his leg and beat him with it...


  1. that's story is a Freak!!
    you are kind of Nutty, I CAN sense it through your blog.
    it's ok I am too

  2. What will be really awful is if McCain-Palin lose. Jokes on that kid.

  3. franco- oh I totally embrace it. no sense in acting sane around here. if you can't beat them...

    valerie- i know!! that's her name foreverrr. worse yet is if they win and they screw up the country, that little girl is going to have it rough. i hope her mom gets her name changed asap.

  4. Congrats on the nut status! lol


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