Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Biz Quiz

A winner will be randomly chosen from those who submit the correct answer. Contest is open until midnight EST tonight and the answer will be revealed tomorrow at noon. The winner can then e-mail me his/her address so I can send over this week's prize. Good luck!

Prize: This 12x9 in. "Ladybirds" art print from allposters.com is the same one I have framed in my bathroom. It's cute, colorful and I love how the unconventional ladybug right smack in the middle of the pack has dashes above her so you can add your own name!

Image: allposters.com


  1. I'm visiting from SITS. Great blog! Love the Ladybug poster.

  2. Hi there... nice to meet a fellow SITSta - thanks for stopping by, and don't be shy... drop by anytime ;)

    Make it a great day!

  3. Payless Shoes.

    Please send my gift.

  4. Payless!!!! I want to win!

  5. why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just when you post a prize I can't seem to remember!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel like i've see it before!
    why!! gawd! I was so sad now :(
    perhaps i'll remember later...

  6. This is killing me.
    I'm not even joking.

    I know it's some kind of sign.. (NO!) and I think it's either juice or ice cream.
    But don't enter me in the competition thanx, I love that ladybird picture but I am just too net saftely consious to go around giving people my email address, let alone mailling address.

    No offence intended! Just please, tell us the answer before I scream!

  7. PAYLESS baby!! and you know what jst so I get a little extra credit, i think its the payless by tar-jay, not dyckman, for some reason I have this inkling... ~gimme ma gift!!~

  8. I have no idea.

    I liked your previous post by the way. And I don't know how I'll approach that inevitable sex talk... my kids aren't there yet. phew!


  10. ohh dammit i got all excited thinking i was the first to answer but i just noticed that you made the comment box private until approved by you..talk about getting my hopes up

  11. I love that poster, it's so cute. Unfortunately, this Florida girl has NO idea where that picture is located (well I know where, just not where about in the city).

    Anyways you have a prize at my blog, so come on over and get it when you get a chance!


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