Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biz Quiz

A winner will be randomly chosen from those who submit the correct answer. Contest is open until midnight EST tonight and the answer will be revealed tomorrow at noon. The winner can then e-mail me his/her address so I can send over this week's prize. Good luck!

Prize: A set of ten postcards from the Mexican Calendar Girls: 30 Postcards collection published by Chronicle Books. Honestly, I found these in my cubicle drawer when I started working last year and instead of throwing them out I kept them. Now they can be yours for the low, low price of zero dollars. ¡Que caliente!



  1. haha, hawt, if only I had any idea of what Ii is, too hard for me.

  2. I already won so don't include me.. I am already a WINNER...
    Anyways its T- MOBILE!

  3. I had to come over after your comment :)

    and surprise - I find a very fun idea for a contest... which unfortunately makes me feel like a MORON because I have no CLUE what the answer is... I'll be checking back later to find out... because I'm pretty sure we don't have one here, whatever it is!

  4. t mobile... gimme ma mexi-cards fool!

  5. ok, this isn't right, but Victoria's Secret?

  6. Not sure what the question is but that is an interesting thing to find!



  7. Oh no. Not another one of these impossible things. I'm not even going to humiliate myself trying to answer!! It's some kind of sign...


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