Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Let Your Child Go Blind!

If you have a little cutie petutie in your life, read my story on protecting your child's vision, when to schedule appointments and how to get your little princess to rock that eyewear!



  1. wow thats a great syory

  2. Excellent information.

    Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog.

  3. NICE!!
    are you latina?!
    I am too.
    not latina but latino hehe.
    ps: does your name end with an s CUZ IN YOUR STORY your name is dorky BUT in your about me section it's dorkyS?
    tell me the truth!

  4. kaylee & cait- so glad you both liked!!

    franco- yes I'm dominican silly head and I knew you were latino too (due to your awesome topo gigio story!) and yeah, i was linking to the story last night and noticed that error. I'm getting the online editor to change it today. It is in fact with an "s!" :)

  5. Dorkys & Franco, I'm not latina nor latino...but I got the flavor down...guys! Great article girl... I didn't know you write for that!!

  6. Lenore- Yup, I work at that magazine :)


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