Monday, October 13, 2008

Flight of the Conchords

Have any of you heard of this show? I first came across it on this story assignment back in August and then turns out Mr. First absolutely loves it (totally not surprised). So he lent me the Season 1 DVD when I visited two months ago and I just finished watching the first three episodes.


This show is....ummm....insane? Crazy? Out there? And yet, I totally love it! Here's the premise:

Two friends/bandmates/roomies, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, from New Zealand have moved to NYC to find fame and success. Thing is they kind of totally suck. Their manager Murray holds meetings from his full-time job and tries to set up lame gigs for the band. Oh, and their fan base? Only consists of one fan (this creepy stalker chick named Mel who throws lewd comments their way in front of her nonchalant husband)! They try to make ends meet and adjust to life in this strange city all the while busting out with random songs that are both awesomely bad and hilarious at the same time. If you like Jimmy Fallon (remember "Idiot Boyfriend?"), I think you'll like these two monkeybutts.

It makes no sense and makes you say, "Whaaaa??" more often than you'll care to count, but it's actually pretty good. After all, they did snatch a Grammy Award :)

Btw, those are Bret and Jemaine's real names and Flight of the Conchords is a comedic band they created in New Zealand back in '98. The songs on the show are actually theirs and they've held shows throughout the U.S. According to their MySpace, Season 2 is in the works for Jan. of '09. In the meantime, catch reruns of Season 1 on HBO for insanity like this:


  1. umm.. where have you been? check out hiphoppotamus vs. rhymenoceros

  2. Dude! Under a rock I guess! That's his favorite song. I think he even downloaded that joint to his iPod. No actually, I know he did. That's how he learned all the words to it.

    This stuff's so out there, lol!

  3. i heard about this show but haven't gotten around to watching it. i may have to check it out now.

  4. OMG! Love them. I like "business time" ("That's why they're called Business socks" so funny) myself. It's okay you are a little behind, your great taste makes up for it *)

  5. I saw this in physics and I loved it!
    The songs crack me up - have you seen the one where the tape replaces Brett? I think that's in season 1 but I'm no expert!

  6. Bret is my secret boyfriend. :-P

  7. Odessa- well you have one up on me because I'd never heard of it before. Def check it out though!

    Suz- lol, glad to hear you're such a fan! That gives them extra points in my book. I'll try to catch up with the rest of the cool kids now :)

    jess- in physics? Woman, shouldn't you be paying attention to your prof?! and yup! i think that was the second episode when Bret wants to focus on his career...holding cardboard signs. Haha, I love how Jemaine said it sounded like he'd never left. Poor Bret.

    anonymous- and here I thought I was slightly weird for thinking he looked sorta kinda cute. Maybe it's that hair?

  8. Like Suz up there (hi suz) their 'business time' sketch is hilarious.

  9. Well I can't wait to get to it because I've had Inner City Pressure stuck in my head practically all day. Lol, those synthesizers!!!

    I need a new song now.

  10. (same anonymous whose secret boyfriend is Bret)

    'Robots' / 'The Humans are Dead' should be your next song ...

    Or 'I'm Not Crying'

    And you're not weird for thinking Bret's cute. His hair is adorable. So is his face. :-P

  11. Yup! I saw both of those and I'm Not Crying was the very first song I saw/ should have seen my face. And how craptastic were those robot costumes? Loved the music video though!


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