Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting Schooled on Sexiness

Now here’s the downside to all this tomboyishness: I don’t really know how to look, act or feel like a grown woman! How do I exude 26-year-oldness when I still look like a high schooler?

Yes, I have a grown-up job that pays the gown-up bills for my grown-up apartment, but inside I’m all kid. I wish I could finally shove aside the “little sister” role and make an “all grown up” comeback. I want to make heads turn as I strut my stuff down the street (because no matter what some women may say, you have to admit it feels damn good to get some attention). And if I hear the words “Aww, you’re so cute” one more time, so help me God…

Anyway, maybe – no, I know – it’s an ego thing to feel validated when noticed. As if the fact that no one compliments you makes you invisible. But I’m not looking for compliments really. I just want to be so sure of myself that I won’t need someone else to tell me I look good because I’ll already know I do. Therein, lies the source of sexiness.

Still, I was curious to hear what my friends thought being sexy meant:

“Being sexy means being comfortable in your own skin.” ~Vilma

“Being sexy means having a good self-esteem to go along with the looks.” ~Joely

“Being sexy means having confidence. If you don’t believe you are beautiful, no one else will either.”

“Being sexy means knowing where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go. You don’t need to plan your life ahead of time, but it’s important to remember the mistakes you’ve made, the stage in your life you’re in now and the things you want to achieve. It gives your life a sense of purpose and who doesn’t like a person with purpose? It’s knowing who you are as a person. We spend our whole lives getting to know people, but the most important human-being to get to know is yourself.” ~Heidi

“Being sexy means embracing the divinity inside oneself and loving every part of each of our incarnation!” ~Vibhuti

“Being sexy is having confidence and passion while strutting in 3" heels.” ~Tai

“Being sexy means being a woman who can do it all – juggle 500 tasks and still look good at the end of that day. Que esté bien arreglada con su pelo, sus unas y con ropa en que ella se sienta comoda y attractiva a la misma vez. Being sexy means not necessarily flaunting your goods, but making sure you are working them and showing enough to leave all the good stuff for the imagination. Oh, and you have to smell good too!!”

So, what does being sexy mean to you? And when do you feel sexiest?



  1. Sexy mean to me is when you feel pretty, not when guys think you are... And each person has different definition of what sexy is...

    I love the pic of red heels.

  2. That makes sense, that way you can feel sexy regardless of whether you're single or not.

    I agree, that poster immediately caught my eye. And I've never owned a pair of stilettos in my life because I could very well break my neck trying to walk in them.

  3. I love Heidi's quote about sexy here!!!!! Totally, completely my answer too. :) (I'm loving this widget thing you got goin' to link us to older posts.)

  4. Oh wow, I guess that widget thing does work! I'm glad you found your way all the way back here (back when four people tops read this thing!) :)


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